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Red-light Webinar Replay and Discount

Red-light Webinar Replay and Discount

Mar 09, 2021

First Access to the Webinar Replay!

Thank you to those who joined this event LIVE. It was a highly attended deep-dive into RedLight therapy followed by an engaging town hall-style Q&A.

On the Webinar, Scott offered a 10% Discount on any Light using checkout Code: beautifullybroken

The Big Takeaways were:

Treat systematically and not locally. Light works on the whole energetic system. A sore joint or bad back could be the result of clogged lymphatics or a sluggish liver. You'll get a more robust effect with full-body exposure.

Consistency wins the game. 2-3 months of use will produce desirable results in skin quality, energy, and skin tone.

Go Slow. If you are struggling with chronic illness, even 1-2 minutes of Redlight may be enough to stimulate the mitochondria in the body and increase energy.

Always support the organs of detoxification and lymphatics first.

You may notice the anti-inflammatory effects of redlight 24 hours after treatment, so plan accordingly.

Redlight releases Nitric Oxide which acts as a vasodilator. This is a powerful effect that may increase performance in the gym and in the bedroom!

That is it for now! Please message me with any questions!

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