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EP 145 The Neufit technology and VIDEO

EP 145 The Neufit technology and VIDEO

Dec 19, 2022


This episode launches tomorrow and I'm really freaking excited about this education from Garrett! The BIG bonus to living in Austin is direct access (cause I'm special) to innovators and creators in the wellness space. This LIVE interview was (I guess they all happen LIVE) and we had such a great dynamic.

This is a great shareable for people in your life with MS, spinal cord injuries, and those struggling with chronic pain!

Also; Sorry for the Gap in posting on the Buy ME a Coffee platform....did you miss me?!

Did you notice I was gone?!

More to come and please give feedback on things that spark interest or if you want more of something! This is a direct LINK to find a practitioner or try this technology for your home: Website:

Big LOVE and I miss everyone :-)

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