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Live Concerts!

Live Concerts!

Dec 01, 2022

Good evening Gartshore Gang!

We hope you're all well and enjoying the last few weeks of 2022. It's been a hectic year for us with not enough time to concentrate on online content - guess what our New Year's resolution will be!

Our live concerts have kept us afloat throughout the year and your generous support has helped us build our community into the "Gartshore Gang", a committed group of music lovers and friends.

We're going to start streamlining things a bit starting now, in December. Friday Nights will be our wild and wacky concert nights, with a mix of music from all genres, including theme nights as well as your requests. Sunday's livestreams will, on the other hand, be a little gentler, focussing on more traditional organ music.

In addition, there will once again be more content during the week covering a number of topics. I will be returning to posting "learning" videos - studying repertoire, technique, registration etc, as well as "chat" videos where I will talk about various topics from within the music world. I will also start introducing different aspects of my own music career, including composition, electronic music, piano music and maybe even trying out new instruments.

Vanessa and I thank you for a wonderful 2022 and look forward to growing and growing together in 2023!

See you online!

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