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Prologue (tbotb)

Prologue (tbotb)

Nov 12, 2021

Prologue — 'perfect' boy

Perfect son, perfect student, perfect boyfriend — perfect, perfect, perfect.

That is how one will describe Joshua Goldmann — perfect.

True to his name — Goldmann, Joshua (or Josh, as he is called) is the golden boy of a little town called Willowcreeks. Everyone — no matter old or young, can't help but love him. Adults wish for a child like him and the young ones either envy him or set him as a role model, wishing to be like him one day.

Josh comes from a perfect family consisting of his perfectly loving parents and a perfect younger sister. Obviously, the Goldmanns' are the golden family in the town.

His father, Martin Goldmann, the former golden boy of Willowcreeks, is a surgeon now and works in a hospital in a nearby city. His mother, Linda Goldmann, is the ultimate housewife; she never says or does anything of her own accord and always looks to her husband for approval. She does partake (mostly leads) in their neighbourhood committee and that keeps her occupied for most of the days. His sister, Josephine Goldmann (Josie) is a couple years younger than Josh, and is, of course, expected to be the next golden child, following in the footsteps of her father and brother.

One can only hope for a family like the Goldmanns'; that is how perfect they are.

Or at least that is what is thought to be.

Anyways, the golden boy of Willowcreeks is currently set to attend his senior year of high school. There is absolutely no pressure at all. Josh is the golden boy after all; he is set to meet and break expectations. Nothing less can be expected from him.

He is going to maintain his 4.0 GPA, while managing his position as the head student and also competing in soccer matches and winning them. And after delivering his perfect valedictorian speech (of course, the golden boy will be the one to give the valedictorian speech; who else can possibly fit that place?), he will be on his way to Harvard to begin his journey on becoming a doctor just like his father.

Josh will be doing all this with a perfect smile on his face. The golden boy will be smiling always after all, won't he?

But if that is who Joshua Goldmann were, who is this boy standing at the edge of an abandoned bridge looking just about ready to give up on everything?


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