How to Change your display settings with ...

How to Change your display settings with Console

Nov 19, 2021

Since season Earth was released, the game contains a Console feature that can be useful to change various display settings. Today, we will show you three ways to edit your display settings without reaching out the in-game Options.

How to open the Console?

It's easy. First, just log in to the game. You have to be on the home menu or in the match. Otherwise, you'll be unable to open the Console, since it's not set up in other scenes yet. You can open Console by SHIFT + ESC key.

Get information about your current screen settings

"current-resolution" to get your current resolution setting
"vsync" to get your current VSync setting
"supported-resolutions" to get a list of resolutions you can set

Change screen resolution

Use the "set-resolution" command to change your screen resolution. If you want to change your resolution to Full HD, just type "set-resolution 1920 1080" and your screen resolution will be changed to Full HD.

Turn off/on VSync

You can toggle virtual synchronization by the "vsync" command. If you want to turn the VSync off, type "vsync false". If you want to turn it on, type "vsync true".

Limit framerate

You can also set a maximal FPS limiter. If you don't want to use the regular in-game Option, you can always use the "max-fps" command. Please have in mind that this command might not work if you have your VSync on, or if you used the in-game Options FPS limiter before.

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