Foxtrot is coming to May 19.

Foxtrot is coming to May 19.

May 17, 2021

Wake the frick up Heavy, we have new launcher to download.

Foxtrot open beta

After almost 2 years of starting this project, Foxtrot is finally coming to the open Beta on May 19. (12:00 CEST) 2021. You'll be able to download Foxtrot on when the game will be released.


Itch has fair conditions for developers like us. Releases to more stores coming soon.

Do I have to download Foxtrot manually every update?

If you download Foxtrot via the Itch Launcher, patches will be installed automatically. However, you can download Foxtrot standalone ZIP file with your web browser. If you choose this option, you'll have to download updates manually.

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