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Oct 25, 2022

Hello again!

Some news after a long hot dry summer break, watering trees and enjoying the children's holidays time!

Thanx to all the generous donations, I could :

  • buy all the material to plaster the inside of the barn

  • build a small guest compost toilets (still need some finishing but it is functional)

  • get some oh-so-welcomed water pipes, hoose and taps to water the young trees in the valley.

Dance studio :

The dance studio is still waiting for a new floor and a pretty coating on the inside walls! I could buy the material for the walls but I could not hire anyone to do the job... Now a super motivated dancing friend is staying over for the winter with the intention to support me in plastering the walls ! Yet, it's a huge task for only the two of us....

As a single mum, a lot of my time is also devoted to taking care of my kids, giving dance sessions and juggling with a dozen of daily tasks. So... We would love to get a pro with us ! And put our energy in assisting this talented person, as we are both new to this task. Which means paying at least 12 days of work which is around 1200 euros... I would like to believe it is possible ! :D

And then we need to create a wooden dance floor :)

Trees :

This summer was pretty hard core for the trees after a dry 2021/2022 winter and with the help of some pretty hungry locusts (crickets).... They totally assaulted the young trees, so I treated them many times with neem oil to save what could be saved. Despite our care we have lost : 3 willows, the chestnut, the walnut, 1 medronheiro, 1 lili, 1 poplar, 1 peach tree,1 pomegrenade, 1 almond tree, and 2 or 3 more I forgot the name of.

quince tree trying to survive the sun and the locusts (crickets) water pipes !

Nesperas tree called Minako after Minako Seki, great butoh master and healer who visited Foxland in winter 2022.

With the drought and the bugs, 2 cork trees lost a big branch (seems like an arm falling, it's very impressive)

We need 2 more water tanks to collect rain water from the roof of the barn and the roof of my little kitchen/bathroom. The rainy season has finally started ! Each tank cost 90/100 euros second hand from the local drogueria. Even if full summer, the water of the morning dusk is collected and support the watering of the trees.

So we still need your support ! :D

The material for plastering has arrived !! Two types of beautiful sand, some lime, some cement, and some tools ! Thank you <3 <3 <3

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