'Reflecting on our Assumptions' in Novem ...

'Reflecting on our Assumptions' in November

Nov 04, 2022

Dear groovy Forest School folk,

We’ve been enjoying splashing in muddy puddles and kicking big piles of leaves.

November is here with sudden dark evenings, festive fires and inward moving energies.     

We have been planning our next Forest School ‘Community Connection Call’ – and you are all invited!

We will be meeting online on Tuesday 15th November, 8pm start. This will be a live event via Zoom – and we won’t be recording it! It is FREE - we’d love to see you there.

The theme I’m suggesting this month is ‘Reflecting on our Assumptions’

As Forest School Practitioners a big part of what we do is to observe the learners – what they choose to do, the behaviours they exhibit, their emotional state etc. We have to make ‘best guesses’ as to what is ‘going on’ with the individuals we work with so to plan for their possible next steps.

However, our ‘best guesses’ are going to be influenced by our own life experience and values. For example; how do you feel about gun and weapon play? Or role play based on computer games? Or that one learner who just wants to use sticks to whack trees all the time?!

How do we recognise where our own values and assumptions are conflicting with the learners needs and choices? And how do we navigate through this?

We welcome any reflections on this as well as anything else you would like to bring to the call!

Register your place now via my Buy me a Coffee page – https://www.buymeacoffee.com/forestschoollou/e/98949

You will then get an email with more details, the link for the call and a free seasonal Nature Connection pdf to download!

Thank you for supporting our channel and the Forest School movement.

Wishing you an abundant autumn!

Lou & Lily-Roe xxx

P.S. You can view a video of me explaining a bit more about the call here – https://youtu.be/POiQcS_KuiA


P.P.S. We have also set the dates for future CCC’s:

SAVE THE DATES – 13th December (changed from previous)

The links for each of these will be available on my extras page at the start of each month.

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