'Facilitating Individuality' in May

'Facilitating Individuality' in May

May 13, 2024

Forest School aims to support the development of Self Esteem and Self Worth – but what do we meant by ‘Self’?

Is the ‘self’ we show to the world our true individual self or is it a fake self, created by the expectations and judgements of others, pressure to ‘fit in’ and cultural conditioning?

For me personally, it’s both. My ‘self’ changes depending on who I’m with and where I am.

But I’ve noticed being in Nature, seems to move it more towards my true self.

Nature doesn’t judge

It seems easier to be myself, knowing that Nature unconditionally accepts me.

Why is it so important to the world to be our true selves?

The Sans Bushmen of the Kalahari believe that everyone is born into the world with a unique gift to bring to the village. However they cannot see it within themselves, only others can see it and lift it up.

We need to express our true nature so that our gifts can be noticed and be shared in service of ‘the village’.

But in a judgemental, fast paced, outcome focused system that can be a scary thing to do. What if my true self isn’t in line with the expectations of ‘what I should be doing’? What if my gift isn’t ‘of economic value’?

The learners we work with may not feel safe enough to be their unique true self at school, or with their peers or maybe not even at home.

Forest School, with its non-judgemental, play based ethos in nature, can be a place of refuge for people to just be themselves. Without fear of judgement.

As practitioners we have the opportunity and privilege to support people to express themselves authentically.

We can shine a light on peoples gifts and lift them up.

We can ‘facilitate individuality’.

Imagine the effect this could have of the lives of the people you work with…and the community as a whole.

If you would like to explore how we can ‘facilitate individuality’ as a cultural element to support deep nature connection at Forest School, join us for our next Community Connection Call (CCC):

May CCC - ‘Facilitate Individuality’ – Tuesday 14th May 2024, 8-9.15pm (UK time)

Register for free - https://buymeacoffee.com/forestschoollou/e/253263

Join us live online to connect, chat, share (and laugh!) with other groovy Forest School folk. 


Wishing you many Early Summer Adventures

Lou & Lily-Roe


P.S. If you are near Norfolk (UK) next Saturday and feel like connecting with other groovy Forest School folk in the woods, we still have a few spaces available on our ‘Skills for Forest School’ workshops - https://buymeacoffee.com/forestschoollou/commissions


P.P.S. If you are new to Jon Youngs work and the ‘Cultural Elements’ here is a 20 minute video introducing the model - https://youtu.be/Oo-HyjwrsLM?si=JLNXNU-XFM1bsrlQ


P.P.P.S. If you’re curious to experience deep nature connection and living as a ‘village’ there is a ‘Nature Culture Connection Camp’ happening in the UK this Summer. Find out more here - https://natureculturenetwork.org/connection-camp/ 

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