Oct 03, 2020

- I do not claim to be an expert, a guru, or a botanist.

- I don't know everything and I am open to new ideas. I try my best to be concise, thorough, and accurate but I am human so I can be wrong, or make mistakes.

- Don't trust me, do your own research. Do not use me as the sole source of your information. Verify every plant ID with multiple, trusted references. Always know the poisonous look-alikes.

- Please familiarize yourself with the dangers of wild foraging.

- My work is intended as a general introduction to foraging. It is strictly an information service and not intended as expert advice. Proper identification of edible plants is strictly encouraged by me but I take no responsibility for your health or actions. Individuals are responsible for their own actions and safety. Some wild foods can be extremely toxic if mis-identified. Some people can have a bad reaction to unfamiliar foods. Carelessness can result in injury and/or death.

- Before harvesting and consuming wild plants, you must personally take time to study plant identification and also familiarize yourself with the dangers of wild foraging. Never eat any wild plant you cannot 100% identify!

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