New Logo, Improved Thumbnail and more to ...

New Logo, Improved Thumbnail and more to come

Apr 29, 2020

When I started with the whole YouTube thing, I never thought it would be that much work. I wanted to write every week this blog here and improve myself with you together, but everything came differently.

Current State

I made the 30 days 30 videos challenge, and after that, I needed a short break. So after that, I just released every week one video. Of course, this was a nightmare regarding the algorithm of YouTube. Therefore I started again to prepare myself a bit more and came up with a plan.

Currently, I'm publishing every week two videos, the first video will cover a learning topic where we will create something together in a Flutter Application, sometimes with the help of packages and sometimes it's pure Dart development. The newest example would be the five videos extended User Profile Series in which I give an overview of how we can manage User Information in Firebase.

On Fridays, however, I want to cover more theory questions, how does Flutter work, what is CI / CD and Flutter News. These video series should give you a more in-deep insight in the Flutter Framework and also in a job as a Software Developer. That means you will find here more general topics that every developer should have heard at least in his career. The newest example for that is the CI / CD video with Codemagic and GitHub Actions and also the Codepen - Flutter News Video.

Besides of all the videos, Mahtab and I are working at the moment more and more in Blogging and writing technical articles that you can find on our brand new Website. Here we will inform you about new things every week on Mondays.

As you maybe have seen already, there was quite a change on the channel. We improved the Logo and also created, in my opinion, an excellent thumbnail.

The best thing happened during the night when someone of you decided to buy me a coffee for the very first time, thank you once more, Nicole.

Key Figures

The channel hit now the 700 Subscriber mark and is on the best track to reach the 1000 goal for this year.

We think that is a fantastic success for a nascent Channel that creates videos actively for 3 months.

The Future

There will be even more changes in the next couple of weeks, Mahtab is currently working on a video series where she converts pure HTML, CSS and JS projects into Flutter projects and explains to you how to build it yourself.

Additionally, we have the plan to start with Live Streaming of the Weekly Codepen Challenge, where we together can create something amazing and share it with the Flutter and CodePen Community. Here we hope that we learn all more about the internals of Flutter because we are limited in the use of other packages.

One thing that I do not like about my channel is the Banner on top of my main page on YouTube, but also here we are working on it.

Topics for future videos are

  • Internationalisation

  • SQLite

  • Flutter in existing App integration

    • Android

    • IOS

  • Animation Tutorials for multiple Animations

  • Rive App

  • Flutter News

  • and many more :)

So thank you for reading and supporting me on this great journey of Flutter development. Thank you that you like my content, that you help me to improve myself and that you allow me to enhance others.

In the end, I would love to hear from you,

  • What would you love to see on the channel?

  • Which Tutorials do you miss or what you would like to see?

  • And what changes on the channel you loved most?

Thanks for reading and your support,

Sincerely yours,


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