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Ooph, time for an update

Ooph, time for an update

Nov 05, 2021

This won't take long--promise! Mostly because I have 19 minutes to get my daughter ready for school. We've had a few COVID headaches comes our way, but we are still set on releasing The Doll Man Duology on Nov. 23. I'll share more on that over the weekend. For all you kind humans signed up under one of the reader memberships, I'll have some details on how to claim your hardcover copy!

There have been a lot of messages coming my way about coaching. Honestly, I was surprised by the number of messages. At this point, I do have a few coaching cycles on my schedule, but I'll publically share what that looks like along with more information and resources soon.

This weekend, I'll begin to work on the writing videos since we now have members under the "Dabbler" tier. Sweet! The videos might not be Hollywood quality at first, but I do promise to get at least 1-2 up before the end of the month and will continue to add to the library moving forward.

Kiddo is in here telling me to get my ass in gear. I'll be back soon, and as always, thank you SO much for your support. 💕

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