[Projects] Summer Updates: News About My ...

[Projects] Summer Updates: News About My Projects

Sep 04, 2023

Between my job that moved from one place to another in June and some personal problems this summer, these last three months have been a little complicated for me and have therefore not been the most productive from the point of view of the blog and my projects. Anyway, I will tell you what has been done and what I planned to do until the end of the year.

NOTE: this article is a summarized translation of the one I just published (in French) on my Blog:

## The Blog

Despite the lack of availability, I was able to write two small articles over this period. The first one is about troubles I had with my HP printer and the second one is about issues I encountered with my Windows virtual machines on VirtuaBox.

You will find both articles on my blog (in French):

I started working on a series of articles I wanted to publish in September, but I had some problems that delayed them. I will probably be able to finish and publish the articles in October.

## Rivalcfg

i released 3 versions of rivalcfg this summer. they mostly added the support of new mice (2 variation of the aerox 5 wireless and the prime mini wireless). those versions also brings a lot of fixes, like the fix of some compatibility issues on macos ventura or the fix of the wrongly displayed 630 % of battery charge of some devices...

Here are the complete changelogs of each version:

A lot of the work was done by contributors; a big thanks to them! 🙏️

By the end of the year, I plane to implement the multi-packet support that is necessary to support some features of some devices, like the button mapping of the Aerox 9.

## YOGA Image Optimizer

This is a project I love to work on... but I currently have no time for it.

I released an update of YOGA Image Optimizer (the version v1.2.3) after a bug report. The software used to crash when it was not able to detect the system locale or if the locale was not valid. Now it will display English in those cases.

See the announce on the YOGA's website for more information:

## CalCleaner

CalCleaner was my "pet project" of last summer. Sadly, I do not have enough time to work on it, but I released two new versions at the end of May. They added two new translations: Croatian and Turkish.

You will find more details in the changelogs:

## Cover Thumbnailer

Despite the fact that I do not develop this project anymore, I released a new version, the v0.10.1, that fixed the compatibility with Pillow >= 10.0.

More on Github:


That's it for today, I hope to be able to bring you more news soon! 😉️

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