[Project] Rivalcfg v4.5.0 released!

[Project] Rivalcfg v4.5.0 released!

Jan 12, 2022

It took me some time, but I finally released Rivalcfg v4.5.0, that supports several new mice. More details below! 😁️

Initial Support of the Rival 650

The Rival 650 received its initial support, both in wired and wireless mode.

Currently you can configure the sensitivity (DPI), the polling rate, sleep timer, and most of the buttons. You can also read the battery level.

The illumination settings (LEDs color) the wheel mapping and the lifting distance are not supported yet.

➡️ https://flozz.github.io/rivalcfg/devices/rival650.html

Initial Support of the Rival 3 Wireless

The Rival 3 Wireless also received its initial support.

You can configure its sensitivity (up to 5 presets), its polling rate, and the mapping of its buttons, including the wheel. You can also get its battery level.

The illumination and the powering settings (high efficiency mode, smart illumination, sleep timer and dim timer) are not supported yet.

➡️ https://flozz.github.io/rivalcfg/devices/rival3_wireless.html

Support of Special Editions of the Prime mouse

The special editions of the Prime mouse (Rainbow 6 Siege Black and CS:GO Neo Noir) are now supported with the same set of features as the original Prime mouse.

➡️ https://flozz.github.io/rivalcfg/devices/prime.html

Bug fix

This version also fixes a crash that could occur when udev rules are not properly installed.

That's it for this release. You will find this release on Github, as usual:

➡️ https://github.com/flozz/rivalcfg/releases/tag/v4.5.0

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