[Project] Nautilus Terminal v4.0 release ...

[Project] Nautilus Terminal v4.0 released!

Apr 28, 2021

I just released a new version of Nautilus Terminal, the 4.0. And it is just the beginning! 🎉️

What Is Nautilus Terminal?

Nautilus Terminal is a terminal embedded into Nautilus, the GNOME’s file browser. It can be displayed in each window and tab and follows the navigation (the cd command is automatically executed when you navigate to another folder).

What's New?

First, while still working with Nautilus 3.x, this new Nautilus Terminal version now supports Nautilus 40 as well!

This version is also the occasion to bring the project a new logo:

A context menu was added to make it easier to copy/paste, to access to preferences and to open the brand new "About" window:

Thanks to a contributor, Nautilus Terminal do not steal the focus anymore in new windows and the terminal can now be automatically cleared while navigating.

A CLI is now available to check and fix the installation:

And the doc was improved with a new "Trouble Shooting" section to help you if you encounter any issue:

Also please note this will be the last Nautilus Terminal Version to support Python 2.7!

Installing Nautilus Terminal

Here are the installation instructions for Ubuntu 20.04 and above, you will find more in the "Installing Nautilus Terminal" section of the doc.

First install the system requirements:

sudo apt install python3-nautilus python3-psutil python3-pip libglib2.0-bin dconf-editor

Then install Nautilus Terminal itself from PyPI:

sudo pip3 install nautilus_terminal

Finally, you just have to restart Nautilus:

nautilus -q

What's Next?

Nautilus Terminal will continue to evolve. I will first add a configuration GUI that will be easier to use than dconf-editor, then I will add more options.


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