Flow’s Four Corners Volume 8 – September ...

Flow’s Four Corners Volume 8 – September 18, 2023

Sep 28, 2023

Flow’s Four Corners is a concept series focused on highlighting the four most impactful releases of the week through the eyes of Flow the Exec. With the world of curation feeling very much like wash, rinse, and repeat, I felt compelled to offer something that went deeper into the music. The more curators and curation become commodified, the more necessary a distinguished platform that can offer as much value to the artists as it does to the consumer becomes. Without further ado, here is Flow’s Four Corners Volume 8.

Goapele – Purple

Goapele is helping us usher in the fall with her newest release “Purple.” As she belts “purple haze” throughout the chorus, it immediately brought to mind the late-great Prince and New York legend Cam’ron — but this is undoubtably a song about the feelings that come with being completely consumed by the lover in your life. This is the type of music that you want to experience performed live when a songstress and producer come together as potently as the two did on this record. Joseph "Bedrock" Epperson regularly produces for Goapele, so the chemistry is beyond proven at this point.

If it helps at all, one of Drake’s earliest breakout songs before he was a household name is a sample of Goapele’s “Closer,” which dropped 11 years after the original song dropped in 2002. Safe to say she has been able to stand the test of time, and for good reason. Treat your ears to a gift and press play on this now.

Favorite line: “The way my heart is opening, I’m wondering, do you feel it too?” – Goapele

Dcmbr x Bizness Boi – RAINON

Dcmbr’s voice is so alluring over the Grammy-nominated producer Andre "Bizness Boi" Robertson’s production. “RAINON” is about a man who continues to fall deeper in love with a woman who is just as on fire about him, yet his lifestyle has him caught in the middle. Still, he is in love with this woman enough to consider making some changes. And, she may need to do the same considering how she has been responding to his way of life despite him failing to communicate how deeply he feels for her.

Whether you can relate to this song or not, it’s amazing on the ears and it can lend you some insight into how it can feel to be in such a predicament as the one detailed in the song. Lastly, I’m confident it will have you looking forward to more from Dcmbr and Bizness Boi collectively and independently.

Favorite line: “Was it our fire that made you rain on, made you rain on you, told me you’ll never let go” – Dcmbr

Kamille – K1

Kamille is drowning in talent as she handled the writing and production on all of the songs on her debut album ‘K1’. If that statement didn’t say enough, the first record is featuring the legendary Nile Rodgers, who also co-wrote the song. This project is a model example of what soul-infused pop should sound like and not one song missed its mark.

This London-bombshell has quite the resume to her name writing for artists such as Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, Sia, Mahalia, Anne-Marie, and more. However, I think the better part of her career will be with her as a lead artist after hearing this debut album. Kamille has been in the game for over a decade and is still just getting started. Fortunately for you, it’s still not too late to join the party.

Disclaimer: Although ‘K1’ dropped a week prior to all of the other releases featured on this volume, it’s so good I had to include it.

Favorite song: “Options” / “Waste My Time” / “The Sun” / “Fancy Wine (Interlude)”

Kid Travis – How Did I Fall So Hard?

Kid Travis drops off a 3-pack titled ‘How Did I Fall So Hard?’ and it’s bound to make listeners ask the same question after hearing his talent. His voice is so easy on the ear no matter how hard it may be to hit the notes throughout his songs. 

With 17 new releases this year alone and a cosign from Post Malone back in 2019, I do not know how I’m just discovering this amazing artist. However, I will be watching closely from here on out because his songwriting, beat selection, and the emotions he’s able to evoke with his singing on this project is remarkable. This project is filled with the type of music you can cut on at anytime. Sure, the subject matter may deal with love and heartbreak, but the music has such pure energy and a bounce to it that you cannot help but bob your head. I’m willing to bet Kid Travis has some more music set to be released in the closing months of 2023. So, you better get to catching up while you have a chance now.

Favorite song: “How Did I Fall So Hard?” / “Blue Dress”

Listen to the playlist here or below.

Note: While this was posted on September 28, 2023, the post title includes the date September 18, 2023 to reflect the appropriate week of releases this volume corresponds with.

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