88 Ghosts: The Astral Projector

88 Ghosts: The Astral Projector

May 23, 2021

88 Ghosts (I only saw 1 though...)

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Get ready to see stuff that most people don't want to see. If you are afraid of ghosts, then don't listen to this because Halloween just might come a bit too early for you this year. This is an open doorway and just about any kind of free-roaming, Class II Vapor might appear to spook you when you are trying to catch a wink or 2.

I need you to stay healthy and sane so you can keep coming back for more vibrational healing, frequency formula sound designs. SO NO messing around with this sonic phantom if you haven't got the stones for it. I'm actively seeing access to Enter the Realm of Souls while I still kick and breathe, so I'm prepped and ready to go. Don't fool yourself. There's no shame in benching your behind this time so that you can make it to the next game.

I totally freaked myself out this morning when I hallucinated a Gray Alien Ghost (GAG) or Grey Alien Spirit (GAS). ,-AcronymIt every chance you get folks; its too much fun not too).

I have held on to this one for some personal experimentation and after just one week I got hit with a dose of the ghost! I am pretty sure much of it also has to do with having a case of hypogycemia aka low blood sugar (LBS).

I've been working with a very specific, metaphysically based system for creating these frequency formulas for my sound designs and I am quite certain that no one else is using this method. It is actually very simple if you are an "airy-fairy", new-age type of individual who believes that you can communicate with angels, but tis is why it passes under the dowsing radar for so many.

The frequencies have to precisely match up with the expectation. There is no fakin' or mistakin this. It is mathematically precise. 'SO until someone else figures out what I'm doing, I've got the MONOPOLY in this niche of the audio meditation cottage industry!

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