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Turn for the Worse

Turn for the Worse

Nov 17, 2021


Well things aren't going well...

Yesterday I had a previous injury flare up and my back is in a fair amount of pain. I've been waking up stiff as a board and now trying to schedule a chiropractic appointment for tomorrow to figure out what's going on. But this may well be the end of my time here for this season until I can find out what is wrong and take the time to heal. I'm grateful for all that I have learned here and the time spent getting to know such interesting and wonderful people. This has been my first experience in an intentional community and likely not my last. For now we'll see what recovery looks like and how long that may take. In the meantime I may find my way south to stay with family in Arizona, but no departure date has been set yet. Right now it's just one day at a time. So Im looking at swapping out with someone for this ATI test at the Abbey and then figuring out my next move from there.

Hopefully, I'll catch ya next time!

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