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Join BMC Membership Tiers and Reap These ...

Join BMC Membership Tiers and Reap These Benefits

Sep 06, 2023

I figured it would be beneficial for me to better explain the benefits you get when subscribing to my tiers here so let's go. Rewards stack so I will only be talking about the rewards added at each tier level.

Ember - $1 a month, $10 a year

The tip jar tier. The tier if you just want to help me out a bit. You will get the ability to join my limited access Discord group where you can stay updated on what I'm doing.

Blaze - $3 a month, $30 a year

For this tier, you'll get access to work in progress updates, behind the scenes, and early access. These benefits will be delivered via private Discord channels.

Wildfire - $5 a month, $50 a year

What you'll get at this tier is exclusive sketches in the style of my "Quick Sketch" commissions. These will be both posted here and shared via a private Discord channel.

Solar Flare - $10 a month, $100 a year

There are several major things that comes with this tier: sketchbook archives, BIOWEAPON Eclipse 2 draft, and BIOWEAPON Eclipse concept art. That's scans of my sketchbooks from as far back as 2006, the by-chapter first drafts of BIOWEAPON Eclipse's sequel as I complete them, and concept art of BIOWEAPON Eclipse.

Supernova - $500 for life

This is the big one. With this tier, you get lifetime access to all benefits, including a lifetime shop discount.

I am open to adding more benefits in the future if enough people request them and the more supporters I have, the more benefits I can provide.

Thank you for reading! Have a super day!

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