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Artist Problems: Critique

Artist Problems: Critique

Jul 02, 2023

When critiquing, remember the definition of critique.

“A careful judgment in which you give your opinion about the good and bad parts of something.”

Good and bad.

Critique isn’t just pointing out the bad parts, but also the good parts. So, if your critique only points out the bad parts, don’t be surprised if it’s taken as an attack. 

Creators also need to know when they’ve done something right so that they can keep doing that, rather than get discouraged because only the mistakes are pointed out.

When critiquing, also keep in mind whether you’re being subjective or objective. Is it truly good or bad, or is it just something you’re not into? If the latter, it’s important to frame it this way.

Critique is meant to help creators improve and grow, not discourage them to the point they give up on their craft.

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