First Post: Online Jukebox

First Post: Online Jukebox

Oct 17, 2022

I'm a throwback to an earlier internet that was more personal and didn't require digital herding. If my work represents one thing the most, it is freedom from excessive collectivism.

With that in mind I thought for my first post here, I would show one of my projects that I call an Online Jukebox. Of course you could call it an .mp3 player skin if you want. I call it a jukebox to evoke an atmosphere of personal choice, namely my personal choice to show you my music in this way:

And here is the second Jukebox. In both cases the downloads are pay what you want. I've had them on my Bandcamp page, but if I can tie the downloads with my account here I may do so.

So that's it for now, just a taste of what I've been creating for the past fifteen years. Of course theres much more on that site, as well as my two other sites, and

Thank you for your attention, and have a wonderful week.


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