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Principles behind Water Tawas Healing

Principles behind Water Tawas Healing

Sep 13, 2021

I posted simple healing ritual in my Tiktok Yesterday and it gained 37.4K views and 377 comments.

If you are a graduate of Hilot Academy or currently student of our Non contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class you probably have experience this healing. But do you know the principles behind this healing method? Why do the taste of the water change after it has been prayed?

All of this will be answered on our Video Conferencing that will happen on September 26, 2021. Just message me if you want to join the webinar. This will be free for our monthly supporting members and if you are not a supporter yet, well it's only USD 5.00 a month and you will enjoy the members privileges we are providing here at Filipino Magick.

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