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Is our service enough?

Is our service enough?

Dec 15, 2021

I believe i have mentioned already to everyone that we do live stream at TikTok 3 times a week to provide Free Tarot Guidance and Counselling service as our streaming content. And i am amazed that we are not reaching out fellow Filipino in the country but have reached people from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Middle East such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and some parts of Europe.

I am receiving comments from our viewers that our content were very informative and engaging as they will send guest request in order to try our tarot services. Their concept of fear have been relieved so as their worries becomes light when they hear out our interpretation of the tarot cards. Though the program becomes entertaining but at the same time educational as we share tips and techniques on how to deal with different situation that been brought up to us by our querent.

Last monday, we were able to accomodate an OFW Kadhama in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia who ask the tarot cards if She could come back home to the Philippines. We use this opportunity to ask her question why she is asking it then we learned that her employer does not allow her to come back to Philippines unless Ate will buy her ticket way back to the Philippines.

We accomodate ate by giving her the wisdom of Kapwa Tarot but also we advise her to reach out to her Employment Agency as well as to the Consolate or Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh. As a Path of Action, we also made an Email to OWWA to inform them about the situation of our Kababayan in Riyadh.

After the program, the experience made me think that as Online Tarot Reader, is my service to the community enough? I am looking inside me what else i could do to help people be relieved from the problems they are suffering? The situation made me wish that i should have a lot of money so that i can buy the plane ticket for ate that she can come back home. Or if there are people who will ask for some financial assistance, I may be able to do as well.

But for now, i have nothing except for the Faith and the Help of the Diwata in hearing my Prayers. But i will work it out that soon, we may be able to do real action and not just reading their fortunes and prayers.

I am a Firm believer of Prayers in Action not just only in words but also in Deeds!

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