Schedule your writing time…

Schedule your writing time…

Jul 20, 2021

Everyday, I receive messages about struggling to write with all your commitments.

Medical appointments eat into writing time… I’m stepping down from two of my companies in the next six months… I take care of my brother… I struggle with my children at home…

Get this. Life will always demand our time.

Prioritize how you spend that time.

Medical appointments, taking care of a husband or supervising your children’s schooling? Those are all priorities that can’t be put off until later.

But neither can your writing!

Schedule your writing time. Get up early and write for 30 minutes on the days you have appointments or Zoom meetings. Plan your week out ahead of time.

It’s okay to reset your expectations. Reevaluate whether your writing goal is still realistic.

Be gentle with yourself during difficult times, but don’t stop writing. Just chill out. 

Make the time to write. Every minute counts. 

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