Do you love the screenwriting process?

Do you love the screenwriting process?

Jul 21, 2021

Digging into the story. Hunting for the truth in the characters? Discovering the theme that's lying just under the surface waiting for you to let it out and breathe life into your work? Discovering the art in your story?

Sometimes all this discovery tells the screenwriter truths about themselves they hadn't face yet - This part of the process can be scary. Downright frightening. But ultimately satisfying. And it's part of the process.

Some screenwriters write for the process itself. Others write for the outcome. A balance between the two is healthy and may lead to a more satisfying overall experience. It can be a long process. 

Settle in, but don't get too comfortable. This screenwriting ride is filled with twists and turns, steep descents, climbs, and plateaus. Stick with it. Don't get off the ride early and stand by the side of the road. See it all the way through to the end when you sell your script.

What do you love about the screenwriting process? Let me know in the comments… I love to hear from you. 

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