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Week 14 update : NFT time! Now or never

Week 14 update : NFT time! Now or never

Jul 21, 2021

Just learnt today Opensea, leading NFT marketplace is now valued at 1.5 billion usd.

This is a clear sign that NFT is here to stay and now is the best time to list your NFT more than ever.

Foundation as we know it is one of the leading platform for creators and artists to be in.

Don't take my word for it, over the last 14 weeks we have over 300+ listing their First NFTs on Foundation. More each day, supporting each other.

Here's a screenshot when we crossed 300 (from #stats daily channel on our discord). Each pass on atleast 5 invites back to train as and when they get them.

Here are some curated resources posted on our community :



Join our community for similar NFT insights even if you are just starting out or pro:)

Next goal is to reach 350 supporters in some weeks time.


That's all for today's weekly update. See you next week then:)

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