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How do Creator Invites Work on our Found ...

How do Creator Invites Work on our Foundation Invite train

May 09, 2021

There are 2 main ways to join as a creator and list your First NFTs

1) via Community Upvote.

From over 30,000+ profiles, they shortlist top 50 every week based on number of upvotes. Earlier they used to show what position and how many upvotes each got. But now only Foundation team knows it. The ones who got access, knows when they get access.

2) via Creator peer-to-peer invite

Following is the explanation from Foundation FAQ 👇

How do creator invites work?

Foundation is community-curated. As a creator, once you sell your first NFT, you will get access to the “Creator Invites” feature. We encourage you to invite artists whose work you want to be in company with. Creators who you invite to Foundation will always be connected to you—we show who invited who directly on your prof

How can I get a creator invite?

If you would like to join Foundation as a creator, you will need to be invited to join by a current creator. One way that you can potentially receive an invite is by joining the Community Upvote.

There is a lot of interest right now to join Foundation as a creator. In order to grow at a sustainable pace and ensure the best experience for our community, we are using the invite system to empower artists in helping us to decide who joins next. Please do not harass creators or spam anyone for an invite.

Basically when someone that's a creator on Foundation sells their first NFTs, they would be getting invites which they could use to invite other creators.

So, How does Creator Invite work on our Foundation Invite train?

As and when we get invites we pass it forward. I maintain a Google sheet and keep track of where our invites are spread across. We update daily stats on our discord group regularly on how we are progressing each day.

We have over 100+ creators who got their invites using this way.

As and when they get more invites, it all comes back to our train.

The best part of the train is that it's dynamic.

Meaning: We prioritise queue in such a way that who could immediately list and bring invites back to train sooner than later. Some like to list their NFTs 2 months or weeks from now. Some like to take time and get everything sorted before they list their NFTs. So we schedule their invites likewise, so that it won't delay or halt the whole train.

Hope that makes sense.

Till next time:)

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