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300+ got access after joining Felix's in ...

300+ got access after joining Felix's invite train

Jun 02, 2023

We have over 300+ that got access to the app!

screenshot from the Bluesky Invite Train Discord

Considering over 1.5-2 million are on Bluesky's official waiting list with no update on when they'd share invites, this is one of the most guaranteed and trusted ways to access the app.

Still looking for Bluesky Invite code? join our Pay-It forward community and get app access. Instructions here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/felixjosemon

 Note: This is the longest(started from March 2nd, 2023) and trusted way to get access to app as of now:)


100 got access: April 21, 2023
200 got access: May 13, 2023
300 got access: June 1, 2023
400 got access: June 17, 2023
500 got access: July 1, 2023

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