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How I made my first digital product in 1 ...

How I made my first digital product in 1 DAY!

Apr 19, 2021

First off, I made Curated: Hand-picked directory of FREE tools for CREATORS/MAKERS. I collected the resources in thr morning, made a notion doc with resources by the end of the day.

I come across curated directories(many times) while they are helpful, they can also be overwhelming amount of info to handle for any CREATOR/MAKER.

These are the same tools I used when I tried making/creating anything whether it was my podcast(which I had to stop for some reason)/Video-editing/photo-editing/creating AR experiences.

In the notion doc, I try to simplify the process by letting a person decide from a set of 2/3 tools rather than having 100s at choice.

The Product is listed on Gumroad for FREE, Access 'HERE'

Tech Stack:

Notion : For curating content,

Gumroad: For Digital Delivery and Processing Payments

BMAC: For people who want to support the project.

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