A Note From Judith

A Note From Judith

Dec 20, 2021

Precious Friends,

When I completely opened to Multidimensional Perception many years ago, it was beautiful, natural and at times overwhelming. I have been deeply Spiritual and Aware all my life. I was once deeply and sincerely involved in religion and this would never have been allowed. Leaving doctrine behind after much research, I was 'free-falling' and only asking for Truth.

I have never asked for anything because this was never my intention. My precious Son brought the idea to me and I will tell you in Truth, I live as you. I am deeply and humbly grateful for the assistance you are offering me. I promise to do my best and be as detailed as possible. I have Neioh and my Family. I also am an aspect of AYA's Soul. I have seen Taygeta and I access many places in Consciousness. I see Angels and Fairies. I am on Earth now to serve you. That is my Divine Purpose and Mission. Kab is dedicated beyond what you can comprehend. You can Trust him. His Mission is to teach and serve. We are here for the Grand Shift. 

We Love You So! Thank you all! I deeply appreciate you!


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