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THE ORDINARY | My Anti-Aging Skincare Ro ...

THE ORDINARY | My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Over 50 | Morning & Night

Apr 12, 2022

There are so many anti-ageing skincare routines out there that it has become a veritably impossible task sifting through the various results. Add to that confusion on where certain products sit in a routine and exactly their function and you have a recipe for frustration and confusion.

Skincare brand The Ordinary is one such company whose products inevitably end up on these lists, and for good reason. For a fraction of the price of some other major skincare labels, you are getting an extremely good product. The Ordinary has developed a range of ‘1-ingredient’ formulations which have been designed for us to pick and choose our ultimate routine. The only thing is, there is little in the way of instruction. We are, for the most part, left to our own devices.

It’s never quite as simple, either, as picking out a moisturizer and a cleanser. Labels like Matrixyl and Amino acids can be tricky to decipher without some prior knowledge. To demystify some of this confusion for you, this is the actual anti-ageing skincare routine I use, exclusively with The Ordinary products. I have noticed amazing results and can’t wait to share them with you! I’m going to break down what each product does as well as where they should fit into your routine and why.

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