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Free Summer Body 14 Day Fitness Challeng ...

Free Summer Body 14 Day Fitness Challenge

Apr 12, 2022

I invite you to join me for the fabulous50s SUMMER BODY 14 day challenge...

Suitable for beginners, seniors and if you are unfit, this is for you too. The indoor workouts are Low impact and perfect for women over 50.

Everything you need to know is explained in this video.

  • Questions about how to access the Summer Body 14 day challenge, when to start, is it suitable for your level of fitness and what results can I expect???

  • Includes fitness over 50 before and after photos

This 14 day Summer Body challenge will burn fat, lose weight, tone muscles, increase your fitness and you will feel really really good!! 

Click here for the Summer Body 14 Day Challenge... https://fabulous50s.com/summer-body-c...

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