Chronicles #3 by Expat J

Chronicles #3 by Expat J

Apr 26, 2024

My Last post, written and deleted was a dud. This writing world you got to find your place in it. I won't discuss what the article was about, but I tried it on this platform, and it didn't generate any interest. Well, yea at least these Chronicles are creating some interest, if not I would just quit. I enjoy writing and sharing my experiences with whoever would like to know, whether for their interest in living abroad or just interested in travel. I watch travel videos and read on Countries that I don't have interest in going to, I live through the character. I want the readers, and later viewers to get the same from me. I want to be that source where someone can get more clarity and understanding of how it is, or what's needed to live abroad. 

So much good stuff is going on right now, but I'm the type that needs more of a audience to get more into it lol. Not trying to talk about something with only a few ears listening, to only go over it again. What just pops in my mind from time to time is, I wonder how a few people I lost touch with are doing? A lot of these friends weren't doing so well last we spoke. The friendships faded away over the years, the love was there but we just were going opposite directions. These friends weren't willing to hear any good advice about improving their lives that they always complain about. I mean, I'm not judging or bringing anything up to anyone, but if you're constantly complaining about wanting to do better.... then? I might just feel like I struck gold by moving to Dominican Republic. I could care less about returning to North America, even if I got a free ride. Money can't buy you happiness, it can only give a temporary fix. Some people just got to change their environment, and not necessarily their country. 

When you live in a different country, it is normal to think about how life would be back in your country if you'd stayed. So, that might be your indicator of where you are in the new country. I think back at North America as a good memory and life goes on. I'm happy living in Dominican Republic and I feel as if it's only going to get better over the years. With a good woman by my side, it's made life much easier for me being a newcomer into this culture. I always recommend fellow foreigners to make friends with locals too, not just fellow expats. Locals are the best thing about Dominican Republic, they make you smile and feel welcomed. It's easy to make friends here too, and I'm an introvert. Me and my lady go to live band shows here and there, and because the Dominican people are very social people it's easy to make friends. The other night we won a bottle of local rum at a show, and we made quite a number of new friends lol. It's a good feeling being in a local establishment and to see everyone dancing and enjoying themselves. Locals and foreigners, it doesn't matter, this is what life living in Dominican Republic is all about for a foreigner. This is what makes living here in Dominican Republic as a foreigner a beautiful experience. 

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