HUMANS // Loneliness 1.05.2021

HUMANS // Loneliness 1.05.2021

May 01, 2021


I received a message from Hansl this morning.
She wanted to share with me a short note about Loneliness:


I sometimes feel too vulnerable to admit that I feel lonely cos then people would give me this and that advice, or they would pity me or they would tell me I should overcome this and be stronger. Can I not be just accepted as a lonely person? I don't seek a solution, I just want to feel understood.

I talked to my therapist about it and I decided to confront my loneliness.

Just as it is.

I think this extreme amount of time I am spending all by myself due to social distancing and isolation made me feel quite disconnected from people. Especially when I am still quite new in the city, and my family lives far away. I then tried to fill this gap by pursuing online connections which end up making me feel more lonely.

Sometimes I even feel too tired to try so hard to make new friends and impress them. It is not easy to sustain friendships when everybody around me is emotionally exhausted. Texting again and again to a person who never replies makes me sad.

I stop trying at some point thinking that maybe it is not too bad being alone after all. Although I feel a little lonely...


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