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Italy's most beautiful ‘’bike to Coast’ ...

Italy's most beautiful ‘’bike to Coast’’ path- welcome to Abruzzo

Sep 04, 2023

Recently it is considered as one of the most bike-friendly regions in Italy. This stunning region is filled with a plethora of cycle paths and routes, perfect for both road and mountain biking enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking pristine beaches, protected natural landscapes, charming villages, historic castles, or serene abbeys, Abruzzo has it all.

What makes it even better is the extensive network of cycle paths connecting its seaside resorts, making it incredibly convenient to explore the area simply by hopping on your bike.

One remarkable feature of Abruzzo is the 131-kilometer (81.4-mile) "Bike to Coast" path that runs along the entire Abruzzo coastline. This extraordinary trail begins in Martinsicuro, in the province of Teramo, bordering the province of Ascoli Piceno in Le Marche, and stretches all the way to San Salvo, near the border with Molise. Most of this path follows the routes of old railroad tracks or existing bike paths. Importantly, it's designed for cyclists and pedestrians, with dedicated lanes for both, ensuring a car-free and safe riding experience.

Whether you prefer to tackle the entire coastline in one go, if you're an experienced cyclist, or take it in stages, this route guides you through 19 municipalities and showcases some of Italy's most enchanting beaches. You'll encounter immaculate shores, shallow waters, serene pine forests, and timeless medieval villages. Are you ready to embark on a two-wheeled journey and discover the wonders of Abruzzo?

Among all these scenic spots, the "Costa dei Trabocchi" (the coast of the stilt fishing huts) stands out as a truly spectacular highlight.

The development of this extensive network of bike routes and cycling holidays in Abruzzo owes much to regional investment over the years, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The region is committed to promoting eco-friendly tourism and making it easier for visitors to explore this beautiful region on two wheels. So, come and experience the beauty of Abruzzo while pedaling through its picturesque landscapes.

September 5th, at 9pm Italian time on Our Youtube Channel we will showcase our own experience and recorded videos by cycling partially the coastline and will talk about Abruzzo region and answer LIVE the questions.

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