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Embark on a Virtual Carnival Extravaganz ...

Embark on a Virtual Carnival Extravaganza: Celebrating Italy's Festive Traditions

Jan 22, 2024

Join our LIVE streams in February from Italian Carnivals:

8 February 17.30 pm Italian Time - YouTube- LIVE- VERONA- Carnival Floats Inauguration from Verona Arena Square (piazza Bra)

9 February 13.30 pm Italian Time - YouTube- LIVE- VENICE Lido- Carnival Floats parade+ Lido Island

9 February 17.30 pm Italian Time - YouTube- LIVE- VENICE- Chasing Carnival masks & Costumes

10February 13.00 pm Italian Time - YouTube- LIVE- VENICE- Chasing Carnival masks, Costumes & Dances

10 February 21.00 pm Italian Time - YouTube- LIVE- VENICE- Night Water Show

11 February 14.30 pm Italian Time - YouTube- LIVE- PADUA- Carnival Floats parade

Italy's Carnival season is a vibrant tapestry of music, merriment, and captivating traditions that unfold across the country. Carnivals  are renowned for their extravagant parades, featuring elaborate floats adorned with satirical caricatures and mythical creatures. The streets come alive with music, dancing, and confetti showers, creating an atmosphere of sheer merriment

This year, we invite you to join us for an immersive virtual experience, as we bring the magic of Italy's Carnival celebrations directly to your screens. Through live streams from Verona, Venice, and Padua, we'll transport you to the heart of these extraordinary festivities, allowing you to experience the joy and excitement firsthand.

In Verona, we'll immerse you in the symphony of music and laughter that will fill the piazza Bra, right in front of the magnificent Roman amphitheater , where carnival floats will be inaugurated.). Prepare to be dazzled by the elaborate floats and captivating performances that transform the city into a stage for pure enchantment.

For two days then we will be in Venice, where the grandeur of masks takes totally another level.  . let's chase as much as possible in the streets of Venice, and as a special treat- the Venice Night Light Water Show!

We will Relive the extraordinary journey of Marco Polo through a captivating water show at the Arsenale in Venice, and Immerse  in the location, as it will transform into a stage for a mesmerizing spectacle, inspired by Marco Polo's book, "Il Milione."

We will  witness the captivating dance of fountains, the captivating glow of lights, and the immersive power of videos as you follow Marco Polo's footsteps across the Silk Road. Together Experiencing the narrative unfold through the captivating performances of two actors and five dancers from The East Dance Company, as they transport you to the far-reaching corners of the East.

Let your imagination soar as you witness the synergy of art and technology.

Finally, we will  head to   city of  Padova and its  main  square -Prato della Valle, which is considered one of the most scenic squares in the world, and with its 90,000 square meters, it is one of the largest in Europe.We will take you to this amazing location during the main Carnival event- A grand parade of allegorical floats in Prato della Valle.

Let us transport you to Italy's Carnival celebrations, where the spirit of joy and togetherness reigns supreme. Join us for an unforgettable virtual experience, and immerse yourself in the timeless traditions that have made Italy's Carnivals a true spectacle of the senses.

With Love from Italy 

Andrea & Evija

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