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🎪 Circus Festival takes over the  Milan ...

🎪 Circus Festival takes over the  Milan's Library of Trees Park 🌳

Jun 04, 2023

Milan's Library of Trees Park recently transformed into a mesmerizing spectacle as it played host to a thrilling Circus Festival that left spectators spellbound, especially its opening performance- when the Tightrope walker Andrea Loreni crossed the air in between 2 skyscrapers of Milan… in 140 meters height!

The event brought together talented performers, showcasing their awe-inspiring skills under the leafy canopy of the park.

The festival also served as a reminder of the importance of preserving green spaces within urban environments. The combination of nature's beauty and the thrilling performances created an unforgettable experience, reminding attendees of the harmony that can be achieved between humanity and the natural world.

As the curtain fell on this event, the memories of the Circus Festival stay in the hearts of us…. And of course videos.

Join us June 6th, at 11.30 pm time to rewatch together with us the highlights of the event captured by us

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