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Brescia Light Festival (February 2023)

Brescia Light Festival (February 2023)

May 20, 2023

Light is Life

✨ Witness the magic and wonder that illuminated the streets of Brescia in February 2023, as part of the prestigious Bergamo/Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023 events series. ✨

During our Live streams in February we recorded all the illuminations and we are thrilled to invite all of you for

TOUR PLAYBACK - May 23th- 11.30 pm Italian time

🌌 Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors, where art and technology converge to create a symphony of lights that dances across Brescia's historic landmarks. From stunning projections to awe-inspiring installations, every corner of the city comes alive with radiant energy and creativity.

Whether you missed the event or simply want to relive its glory, this is your chance to be part of something truly extraordinary. So mark your calendars, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and prepare to embark on a breathtaking journey through the illuminated streets of Brescia!

During our Live session we will answer all your questions about the event, Brescia or Italy - see you May 23 on YouTube 💕

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