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Advice for creating change in 2023

Advice for creating change in 2023

Dec 31, 2022

Here are my predictions for 2023

Things will get a lot worse, before they get better.

But they will get better.

Probably not in 2023 though. Some things will, but more things will get worse.

And here's some advice:

The further along the "we're doomed" path you've gotten the more you might have realized the solutions for climate change and biodiversity loss are basically the same things we need to do and work on if everything does collapse...

- Lead with vulnerability and compassion for ourselves and others.

- Focus on repair, care, restoration and regenerative practices.

- Build communities through working on communication and creating safe spaces built on trust and mutual aid where everyone's cared for and valued regardless of their sexuality, skin colour, gender and so on.

And some more advice to help you on your journey:

- Listen more. Not just to others, but also to our bodies, the silence, and the earth. (and audiobooks!)

- Have less tolerance for intolerance, but also: spend less time arguing with it. We don't have time for that.

- Focus on finding the people who get it and create the change we need with them. Let us prove our points in action instead of trying to convince with words. (Ref. build communities)

- Use whatever privilege we have and actively look for and remove the obstacles for those who might have less than us. We're all too tired and we have too much to do for privileged people to worry about our gilded cages and for those with less privilege to have to work harder than they're already doing. Open the gates.

- Deprogram from the competitive capitalist mindset. We won't get where we need to go if we think of everyone as enemies and competition. We've been trained to think that competition makes "the pie" grow, but that's not it. Sharing and collaboration does.

- Look after yourself and your needs. Share with care, of your excess. We can't beat capitalism with no capital and no rest. Audre Lorde was right. Self Care is an act of political warfare.

- Be "greedy" and set high demands with those who demonstrate exploitative practices when or if working with/for them.

- Be loud about the good things you do and the values and goals you have. Being "humble" about it serves no one but the oppressive forces we're fighting. If people think you're speaking up for clout or appearances, let them. They're just projecting and that's a them problem.

- Seek out pleasure and joy you don't have to pay for, no matter your social status, weight, looks etc. The belief we need to "earn" the right to enjoy ourselves is one of capitalisms strongest tools for continued oppression and unnecessary consumption.

You are enough. You deserve a good life. We all do.

Time will tell if we manage to subvert the eternal growth, colonial, capitalism we're living under, or if it has to collapse and burn before we can rebuild.

Either way, we might as well start (or continue) (re)building a new world now.

Happy New Year!

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