Right to Hate

Mar 31, 2024
I have my right to hate, And nobody can Deny it - nor the state, Nor any single man. I have my mind and mood, And nobody may Command me what I should And what I should not say. I have my right to call Whomever how I want, I care not at all If you agree or don't. I will express my views On any theme or case, However they abuse Religion, sex or race. Unless it is my job To fit your faith and fears, Don't try to shut my gob - Just shut your own ears. You have your right to hate My views, my look, my name And speak of it - that's great, Our rights are just the same. Don't read what you detest, But don't suppress to write; Unless I am your guest, Don't tell me what is right. All failed who tried to cut The thoughts from other's head; Where mouths are kept shut, Guns start to speak instead. 2020
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