Rumble Welcomes Russell Brand for Its Fi ...

Rumble Welcomes Russell Brand for Its First PPV Special — Don’t Miss Out on Brandemic!

Mar 15, 2023

Rumble is more than a video sharing platform to me — please let me share why it’s so important

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First things first. In an exciting announcement, Rumble revealed that they have nabbed the multi-talented Russell Brand for their groundbreaking PPV event. This collaboration promises to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience for viewers,

solidifying Rumble’s position as a major player in the world of online content platforms.

Screenshot of Rumble’s corporate site, displaying Russel Brand’s ‘Brandemic’ PPV special advertisement

By choosing Russell Brand, Rumble has ensured a blend of insightful commentary, humor, and entertainment. As a comedian, actor, and author, Brand brings a versatile and engaging presence to the platform. This move not only showcases Rumble’s commitment to delivering diverse and high-quality content but also highlights their ability to attract prominent figures from various industries.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to witness Rumble’s first-ever PPV special with the inimitable Russell Brand.

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beautiful, awe-inspiring, outdoors meets technology, the future, and love of cyborgs (Nightcafe)

I am so passionate about Rumble,

its video-sharing and streaming features and the app, that I will always opt to watch my favourite influencers on the Rumble site or App as opposed to another platform.

Rumble is not only my favourite video platform for ethical reasons,

but I just love the UI and community I have found there. Follow me on Rumble, EstifWeldai, because, when I do plan to start creating video content,

I will be sharing it first and foremost — and perhaps exclusively — through Rumble.

Lots of celebrities and influencers are following this trend because they love and believe in Rumble.

Experience the future of online entertainment with Rumble and Russell Brand — you won’t be disappointed! Sign up today using my referral link by clicking here, and stay tuned for more updates and announcements about this must-see event!

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