Receive Yourself Now

Receive Yourself Now

Aug 12, 2023

Hello monthly members and incremental supporters! I am back again with another little message. This one is less about a podcast or cults and more about connecting to your soul and experiencing powerful growth.

We have entered a cosmic window that I have been quietly excited about. One where soul growth and actualization is possible in leaps and bounds.

Hear me talk about it in this message:

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Materials to receive yourself with

Because this is my 'thing', I have a number of materials on deck that are useful to the soul grounding and actualization process.

Work with these materials to get yourself grounded, empowered, and feeling good:

A special thank you to each of you for supporting Psychopomp Stories. This is my most successful project in years. It has meant a lot to me that people see the value in this. What you put in shows me that what I am doing matters and inspires me to put together activities and encouragement like this. Thank you.

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