In Recording! Ep 5 upcoming next week

In Recording! Ep 5 upcoming next week

Feb 13, 2023

Hello, supporters and fans and friends. This is a little note to say that there will be no 'new' episode of Psychopomp Stories released this week. The next brand-new instalment will come out the following seven days. I think the 20th. Note that there will be 'new' content in that I will be releasing some video versions of past instalments.

This week, I am working on and editing the Sister Cathy related episodes. Let me tell you that this one got so deep and went so far, it even surprised me.

Bonus? There is going to be an 'unfiltered' episode of information that is going to contain content that is best kept out of social media but is VERY worth telling. YOU, the people who are members and monthly supporters, get your access to it included in what you already give <3. Are you reading this and not a member, here? Just click ''membership' and see if any of those options work for you.

Planet wise: We just had a Pluto and Mercury conjunction on an x flare Sunday. We have a Neptune and Venus conjunction and then Pallas going direct and Saturn solar conjunction ALL HAPPENING this week. This is high impact for souls moving and planet work. Take care of yourselves and get lots of water.

Big love,


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