How Earth Got Hurt pt.1: Infiltration of ...

How Earth Got Hurt pt.1: Infiltration of Saturn

Apr 27, 2023

Planet Earth is an infinite source of wealth, energy, and knowledge. It is the JEWEL of our Universe. This is the story of how planet Earth became targeted by a greedy set of colonial beings and ultimately, how our beautiful home got hurt. Working with the planet Saturn as a backdoor gate into our Universe, these beings harnessed Earth. They created an energy sheath that was placed over the energy system of the planet, and they were fairly successful at creating a world order that fed their objectives. This world order is destructive, based on chaos, and is ruled by greed. The Mayans predicted December 21, 2012 as a moment that would mark the conclusion of a phase of life on earth. They were right.

December 21, 2012 represented the moment that the game set in part by these beings had run out of time. But time from what? Who were these beings and why did they try to take over the planet?

Many people have heard that the vibration of the planet was lowered, they have heard that there were different magick wars and competing factions and interests. They know that the life of Jesus somehow ties into all of this. But what we know less of is how it all happened. They just know that it did.

In this instalment, I go in deep to explain about how Earth got hurt and the role that the planet Saturn played on all of it.

This story includes information about: how '3d happened' (the sheath), Saturn as a backdoor to the Universe; esoteric astrology, how sacred sites were constructed and used to colonize the energy structure of the planet, regimes of religion built around false Gods using human sacrifice and stolen energy to colonize the planet, and why the life of Jesus is important to our path out of this.

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