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Mermaid Owl

Mermaid Owl

Aug 20, 2022

Here is one of my favourite most sacred paintings. I created it during lockdown of 2020 and finished it in 2021, I believe this painting was a final puzzle piece within me that connected me to my womb in such a way that I was ready to become a mother, a few months after I finished painting this piece I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter Nila, during my labour and birth ( free home birth ) this painting was hanging from the wall in direct sight from where I was in the birth pool, minutes before Nila entered the world peace flooded through me and my eyes found this painting, it was one of the most angelic and most human experiences I have had, soon after my pause gazing at this painting, Nila was born into the water, healthily, safely, peacefully, at home without the distraction of any midwives. 

I call this painting Mermaid Owl, facing up I see a mermaid, facing down I see an owl, what do you see? 

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Thank you for reading. 

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