Chinese Characters 中文字, 漢字 zhōng wén zì, ...

Chinese Characters 中文字, 漢字 zhōng wén zì, hàn zì

Jun 28, 2021

No doubt Chinese characters are the most difficult part, but the good news is, there are clear systems.
Chinese characters are logograms, and most of them are from pictograms, ideograms and phonetics.

To make it simple,

  • Every Chinese character is consist of strokes 筆畫 (bǐ huà) - the minimum unit
    Then strokes become components.

  • Every character has one important component called : Radical 部首 (bù shǒu)

    And it is designed for easy dictionary lookup and index.

    Soon we’ll start to learn important Radicals
    #LearnChinese #Chineselanguage

    Learn #traditionalchinese and pick up simplified easily

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