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Past Projects

Mar 08, 2023


Wars of Eredhar: The Dawn of Darkness


The Dawn of Darknessis the first book of the series Wars of Eredhar. It is a fantasy novel, taking place in the fictional universe of Eredhar, a world full of secrets, mysteries and adventures. Whispers in the night tell of an ancient darkness. That which had once plagued the land has been seen again emerging from the hidden and cold corners of Eredhar. The times of peace are slowly fading away and the war to come will test the boundaries of one's virtues and beliefs, for the tendrils of darkness spread corruption, despair and fear throughout each Eredharian's heart. The glooming threat will not go unanswered though, for there will be those who will rise up against it. But will they be able to do it in time, or will it be too late, and the return of the Darkness be the downfall of every kingdom in Eredhar?


One Idea, One Week, One Game!

Description: You find yourself in a jungle, where you partake in a little adventure. You need to find all the items, the four mysterious books. But, you have limited time to do so, for your life depends on it!

Genre: Adventure - Find all Items

Main Mechanics: Collectable Items Time Limit


The Forgotten Kingdom

Description: You will have to find your way out of a ruined underground kingdom by solving a series of puzzles.

Genre: Puzzle

Main Mechanics: Laser based puzzles; bouncing lasers off of surfaces. Movable Platforms AI Companion (Move To, Interact with Objects etc.)


Mission to Minerva

Description: Humanity discovered a new galaxy: Minerva. We took it upon ourselves to chart the unknown. Thus, the story begins... Contest entry: #KB3Dchallenge


SoT Heroes of the Seas

Description: An experience showcasing player characters and screenshots from Sea of Thieves, submitted by the community. You have to safely travel through a series of traps and puzzles, in order to reach the village beyond and discover the paintings.

Genre: Adventure

Main Mechanics: Trap and puzzle traversing Exploration


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