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Step-By-Step Tutorial - Bybit✅

Step-By-Step Tutorial - Bybit✅

Sep 08, 2023

Bybit is almost ready for BETA Testing! - Here's a tutorial on how to set it up and place trades directly on Bybit using the Advanced DCA Tool! 🎉


1. Create a Bot in Bybit.

Go to Derivatives > Derivatives PortalClick 'Trade Now'In the top left, enter the coin you would like to trade.In the top right, enter the amount of leverage you'd like to use. (You can also choose 1X). In the top right, click Tools > Webhook Signal Trading > Create Now Click 'I've confirmed it above'Create a useful Signal Name, click Create WebookNow copy the message template.

2. Create a TradingView Alert.

Open TradingView, in the top left, enter the coin you want to trade, ensure the coin is the same as the one chosen earlier. (Ensure the data is provided by Bybit and not Binance for example.)Click the gear ⚙️ icon. Paste the 'Message Template' from Bybit into TradingView. Adjust settings to the desired effect and backtest. When you are ready to live trade, adjust the start time to the current chart time + 5 minutes. There should be no Green Entry triangles visible on the chart. The 1 minute time frame and ASAP (or ASAP Refined Instant Start) entry strategies are highly recommended if this is your first time setting up. Once you are happy with the current settings, create a new alert in the top right. Select Advanced DCA Tool as the condition. Order fill and Alert() function calls. Select expiration as 'Open Ended' if possible, or furthest date in the future. Enter a useful alert name. Now enter {{Message}} into the message field (This is case sensitive and should have no other characters or spaces in the field.)In Bybit, Copy this 'Webhook URL'.Click 'Run the Webhook' and confirm. In TradingView, click on Notifications. Adjust the sounds/notifications/emails to preference. Tick Webhook URL and paste the URL found in Bybit. Then click Create.In TradingView confirm and await your first signal. When it triggers, an event log will populate, the chart will also display its first green entry triangle.Back in Bybit your first trade will have been placed, congratulations! 🎉


1. Bybit Integration

If you come across this message in Bybit - 'Order failed due to missing parameters.' There is no need to worry, it's perfectly normal if your setup is correct. The script sends two messages to Bybit, one is filled with parameters and is accepted, the other is just a {{Message}} placeholder and is just ignored.

2. Regular Confirmation Checks

It's a good habit to routinely confirm that your alerts are processing smoothly with Bybit. There's a known case related to 'Order failed due to signal delay.' This error will prevent an alert from being processed, and commonly occurs on coins with lower traded volume. This can be a nuisance especially with complex TradingView strategies.

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