What a crazy Summer!

What a crazy Summer!

Oct 19, 2022

Hello, everyone!

Well, the last several months have been a little NUTS! We've been super busy here at Empowered Humans. We now have a digital meditation course available, with a master course on its way that is based on my book 'Empowered". We are planning our first 4-day/3-night retreat in Melbourne, Florida in April 2023. We have some cool T-shirts that will be available very soon in classic styles for the guys and super-cute options for the ladies, and we are beginning season 2 of the podcast, Unfringed this month! We have also brought on a couple of new Affiliate Partners to help us with marketing and outreach and are looking for a few more good people to help us grow. (pppphew!)

Sooo, if you were wondering where we'd been.... now ya know! We are working on lots of great content and want this dream to see some serious growth this year! Thank you for your past support and continued encouragement and feedback. You make this all possible and we have a hefty goal to reach. You may notice that we no longer offer membership options here like we have in the past. Honestly, memberships created more work for us and the feedback we've received let us know that our supporters prefer to offer donations as and when they feel inspired to, and do so because they enjoy our content, not for any added perks of a "membership". So, we simplified things. (We like simple better, anyway!) Please share our posts and social pages and links with people you care about and help us in our mission to create a global community of empowered humans. You can like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and my personal accounts on Facebook, Linked In, and Tik Tok. (additional Youtube content is coming soon...) Thanks for being here!

With love & gratitude always,

Donna, Mig, & The E.H. Team

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