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Joining Fanhouse

Joining Fanhouse

Sep 27, 2021

Fanhouse is a private social media where fans subscribe thru a small fee to see the content creators posts - and for the ability to message and reply. It offers security and an income for creators.

I’ve opened an account so I can escape the growing hell that is Twitter (between the punishing algorithms and the rising tides of hatred it’s becoming impossible to be noticed and well received) and enjoy posting again. That means more posts of greater quality.

It’s $2 a month to subscribe for full access. People who support me thru BuyMeACoffee get FREE access or if you want to try it out first you can have a month free trial with the code EmmaJuned.

Just go here: and enjoy! If you want to join as a creator yourself, click here and we will both benefit!

Creators need every boost and every comfort in the final days of capitalism. I’ll be glad to support any other creators who make the choice to build their own peace and security. Just let me know if you join!

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